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I, Me, We, Us
Sarah Calmus 2017

We live with us,
We know our swings of love and lust,
Our pain,
Our self disgust,
Our hopes and dreams,
Our angry pent up sassy king
Or queen demanding everything,
if gender binary and lingo is kept to - of course,
We know our darkness and how we repent,
Our malevolence and malcontent
Our time daydreamed and time well spent,
We are our own judge and jury
And peace and fury,
We know how our heart beats fast,
And our face keeps smooth,
We know when tears and blood fill our every groove
And nook and cranny in the mind,
And do we mind,
And who we mind,
And when and where we find the time,
To find and forge our friends and partners in crime,
Our binds and farces,
Our born into classes,
Our expectations and bastardisations of ideas we
inherit and deconstruct,
Making it real, feeling the feels,
Giving a fuck and giving it up,
Or not,
And what we want from life,
We know more than most,
We know our crows and our boasts,
Our flaws and our flops,
How many seconds we can hold our breath ‘til we pop,
Our favourite shows,
What turns us on, what makes us glow,
Our whims and fancies,
Our darkest fantasies,
Our poems and our songs of choice,
The people that make our hearts rejoice,
The memory haunts and what we want,
And what we need,
Well not quite so,
If we banish greed,
As whether we know all this now,
Whether it’s true,
Whether we kowtow,
To us,
To I,
To me, me me,
We are nothing in the end if we are not we,
And the friends who are there to stick around,
To hug, to chide, to dance with, to play and bound,
The ones that bother to love us still,
Who trust in us despite our Id ,
They are the few who know us better,
Who see things in us that are really real,
So no matter what we think we feel,
Sometimes seeing ourselves through them is what
matters most,
And listening to ourselves but not at a cost,
For we will find that we are lost,
So get the map and circle the track,
Navigate from friends who’ve got our back,
Who know the craic,
Who know us well,
Who reserve judgement of character,
And love us still,
And Sometimes,
Not all times,
We will see ourselves through them,
And that will be the truest reflection of us in the end,
And by looking through cracks but not being drawn in,
We will know ourselves better than we could ever hope;
Through other humans.